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Niyantrn™ is an Indian company with a vision to revolutionize the mental wellness space.
The word "Niyantrn" [ नियन्त्रण in Sanskrit ] means control.

In this day & age even with all this technology, humanity is losing control instead of gaining it; prevalence of tense emotions, the sky-high stress levels of people in developed countries is an evidence to that. In fact 75% of total money spent on healthcare is caused by modern chronic diseases which are preventable, on the other hand we as a society spend less than 5% on prevention of those diseases.[]
And that is why we will be helping our customers realize, the potential health benefits which can be achieved through maintaining mental wellness. 

We will be  developing products & services which we believe will drive our customers lives to a better future. We are dedicated to empowering human free will in the realm of mental wellness, aiming to promote individual creativity and general wellness at the same time. Currently, we are developing digital products which will provide value to Athletes, Actors, Youtubers, Musicians etc by personalizing it according to the all of the mentioned professions.

We are optimistic about our vision, as we know mindfulness practices will significantly benefit to the collective advancement of the human civilization. We are committed to increasing awareness about mental health plus making meditation an enjoyable, evolving experience while attempting to make it a reality from behind the scenes.


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