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Introductory Content 

Niyantrn - Free Introductory Content

What Will Be Included

  1. A unique practice called Experiencer Meditation (or simply EM) which is a copyright protected meditation form.

  2. Learn exactly how your mental health plays a big role in dictating your physical health (i.e in deciding your hair growth, skin health, sleep cycle, heart rate, blood pressure & most importantly your brain health)

  3. Multiple guidelines to be mindful of which will help you stay relaxed through out the day.

  4. A complete Weekly Routine of what to do to safeguard and rejuvenate your mental health by staying relaxed and avoiding stress and burnout (which causes you to lose your creativity and the ability to imagine affecting your peak performance and ultimately your overall health.


What Are The Benefits Of Meditation..?  

Why should it be a part of your morning routine. And why your future self already thinks its a valuable skill to have.. !? 

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Benefits of MeditationNiyantrn
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About Niyantrn & It's Founder.  

Lets get to know each other... 
This audio clip shares how Niyantrn came to be, some things about the founder & what Niyantrn plans to do for it's customers
 in the future

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2 - About Niyantrn and founder FINALNiyantrn
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The Difference Between Niyantrn and Existing Meditation apps.

Learn about the already existing meditations and what purpose Niyantrn's Experiencer Meditation is made for. And how it helps you throughout your day.

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3 - Difference Between EM & Others NEWNiyantrn
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Course Outline & It's Format.

1. Course Format - Audio + Animations

2. Types Of Techniques Shared in E.M - Mental + Physical


Mental Techniques includes

  1. Theory on the concept of E.M and mental techniques to do during the day when you're not feeling like yourself.

  2. Learn more about the States Of Still Point and Fluctuation and how understanding these states of feelings will help you be at your best for your personal, social & professional lives.

  3. The right way to do Affirmations.

  4. Mindful practices to increase self-awareness.

Physical Techniques includes

  1. Breathing techniques

  2. Body language and gestures that help you relax and take a break from feeling overwhelmed. 

  3. Tips to maintain your mental health by adjusting your external environment. 

Or learn what is shared in the course through the audio clip below.

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4 - Course OutlineNiyantrn
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Who Should Buy Niyantrn's EM and Who Should Not..!?

As Niyantrn is made keeping a set niche in mind who it'll benefit. There are some who it might not help. Learn which one you fall under. 

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5 - Who Should BuyNiyantrn
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